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Khatib TCM Clinic

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Liang Xiaoli  Registered TCM Physician 

Registered Traditional Chinese Physician under the Singapore Ministry of Health. I have been in the medical industry for many years. Physician Liang is good at Acupuncture treatment for various pain ailments, Periarthritis shoulders, and weight loss using Traditional Chinese Medicine, and medical conditioning. Using her rich experience, she strives to achieve the purpose of health and wellness for her patients through consultation and building a trusty relationship with her patients.

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Lisa Xu  TCM Therapist

Having a Singapore government massage license, as well as international certificates in beauty and body care, I have been engaged in massage, beauty, and health care for over twenty years. With extensive experience in traditional Chinese medicine treatments, Chinese massage, Chinese beauty techniques, weight management, and health preservation, I am a rare all-around expert. I am warm, cheerful, attentive in service, good at connecting with customers, and have garnered a considerable number of loyal fans and customers.


Janice  TCM Therapist

Holds a Professional Masseur Certificate and more than 10 years of massage experience. Make use of Cupping, Cup Sliding and traditional massage techniques to treat various pain issues. Excellent in using Acupoints and Facial Scraping to improve Facial Skin Firmness, Eliminate Eye Fatigue, Lymphatic Detoxification, Ovarian Care, Head Physiotherapy, Gastrointestinal Conditioning and other special issues. As the bag of Joy of our CMC Yishun branch, Ling Ling's hospitality style is to treat her patients with the utmost care.


Ada  TCM Therapist

Engaged in professional massage therapy for many years, with unique techniques and rich experience. Is proficient in various kinds of pains such as fall injuries and sprains, chronic bone and joint pain, and shoulder and waist strain. Through the use of Cupping, Scraping, Meridian Massage, Lymphatic Detoxification and various methods that target specific ailments, she helps relieve her customer's healthcare issues. She is also good at responding to various diseases and uses different methods to help customers ease their pain. Attentive, friendly and well-received by many customers.


LiU HONG  Receptionist

An employee who takes services seriously with her straightforward personality also has a great sense of responsibility. She can introduce new customers to our services at the Chinese Medical Centre and help them understand the benefits of our package. She also allows our returning customers to feel at ease. Being able to answer your questions patiently is also the most trustworthy part of our front desk staff.

Khatib TCM Clinic

• Address:598 Yishun Ring Road, Wisteria Mall, #01-07/08 Singapore 768598

• Direction:Take North South Line (NS) and alight at Khatib Station (NS14)

• Bus:805, 807, 812, 850E

• Opening Hours:Daily 10:00am to 8:30pm

• Phone Number:6332 3267

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