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Company Goal and Vision

Integrate the existing TCM clinics, and actively explore and develop franchise stores. Unified brand name, unified supply of traditional Chinese medicine, and unified service standards. Ensure the quality of traditional Chinese medicine and improve the service level and medical effect.

If you have, or are about to have a TCM clinic,   

   Why Join CMC ? 

Join Us,You have Six benefits !

We have 25 years of business history, 12 branches and a good reputation. Join us, patients or customers will fully trust you,especially when they make advance payment,
We have nearly one million patients or customers to share with you,This will help you significantly increase the number of patients or customers
We have a powerful patient information and daily operation management system, which can help you carry out all-round management and save you a lot of time
You don't need to set up a TCM pharmacy and worry about its expiration date. Our central TCM pharmacy can directly deliver high-quality and low-price TCM to your patients
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We can get rid of your troubles in personnel, recruit and train employees for you, and help you with your daily personnel management.
When you go on vacation retire or end your business, we can take over your work or clinic, so that you can take a relaxing vacation or live a leisurely retirement life.

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