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  West Coast TCM Clinic


Liang Xiaoli  Registered TCM Physician 

Registered Traditional Chinese Physician under Singapore Ministry of Health. Been in the medicine industry for many years. Physician Liang is good at Acupuncture treatment for various pain ailments, Periarthritis shoulders, weight loss using Traditional Chinese Medicine, and medical conditioning. Using her rich experience, she strives to achieve the purpose of health and wellness for her patients through consultation and build a trusty relationship with her patients.



Eva Xiu  ​TCM Therapist

Holds a Senior Masseur Certificate and has been engaged in massage for 18 years. She has rich clinical experience and provides professional pain treatment, Lymphatic Detoxification, Ovarian Care, Gastrointestinal Conditioning etc. Eva is also skilled in various beauty care techniques and can provide an all-round service package for customers. With her sincere, friendliness, and trustworthy personality, Eva is one of our most valuable staffs in CMC.


Mary Wang  TCM Therapist

An experience Masseur who has engaged in Traditional Chinese Medical massage for more than 10 years. She is excellent in treating Sports injuries, Periarthritis, Acute Lumbar Sprain, Sciatica, Insomnia caused by headache, Leg pain and numbness and Facial Maintenance and Care. On top of that, she also practices Kidney Care, Ovarian Care, Breast Care, Meridian Massage and Gastrointestinal Conditioning etc.


Yun Yun  Receptionist

An employee who takes services seriously with her straightforward personality, also has a great sense of responsibility. She can introduce new customers to our services at Chinese Medical Centre and help them understand the benefits of our package. She also allows our returning customers feel at ease. Being able to answer your questions patiently is also the most trustworthy part of our front desk staff.

West Coast Branch

• Address:154 West Coast Road, West Coast Plaza  #02-14/15 S127371

• Direction:Take Bus 201 from Clementi MRT Exit B.  Alight after 2 stops in front of Blk 601. Walk 3 minutes towards West Coast Plaza.

• Bus:30, 51, 43, 175, 201, 282, 655

• Opening Hours:Daily 10:00am to 8:30pm

• Phone Number:6970-9098

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