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TCM Beauty

Facial Treatment

Daily facial care is what every woman must do. Facial care can help us deeply clean our face and remove blackheads and acne. At the same time, it can also promote the metabolism of the face and accelerate the blood circulation, which makes our face more shiny and look better. Regular eye care can help us solve the problems of dark circles under the eyes, pouch under the eyes, crow's feet, freckles, black spots, senile spots and so on, making people look young and beautiful.

Acupuncture for Beauty

Acupuncture beauty is a beauty method in which TCM doctors use specific acupuncture techniques to stimulate meridians, accelerate human metabolism and facial blood circulation, so as to remove wrinkles, lighten spots and delay facial skin aging. Because all the needles are thin and weak, acupuncture beauty is painless and has no side effects. In addition, because all acupuncture are on acupoints, acupuncture beauty can play an auxiliary role in relieving mental stress and eliminating insomnia, headache and other symptoms.

Facial Scrapping

Scraping beauty is a beauty method that beauticians use scraping board to implement scraping on the face according to the physiological structure of the face and specific meridians and acupoints. After these acupuncture points, meridians and cells are stimulated by scraping, new cells are stimulated and regenerated, and problems such as wrinkles, dark circles and on the face are improved. 

Radio wave skin pulling

Electric wave skin pulling is a cosmetic method that uses electric wave energy to improve the temperature of the dermis, shrink and tighten the skin, and promote the production of collagen. Electric wave skin pulling produces changes in deep skin temperature, stimulates its own skin firmness, produces new collagen, promotes blood circulation, and promotes the curative effect of collagen repair treatment. Therefore, electric wave skin pulling can replace surgical skin pulling, solve various skin problems and completely update the skin.

Skin rejuvenation and whitening

”CMC‘s Skin rejuvenation and whitening uses nano biological negative pressure technology to transport plant stem cells to the bottom of skin muscle, to activate dormant cells, awaken lazy cells, repair damaged cells and regenerate healthy cells, so as to achieve the rejuvenation of the whole face and rebuild the youthful charm. "CMC"'s cell nourishing beauty therapy can do Facial anti-aging,Whitening light spots, Acne and freckle removal.  Customers can choose one of them according to their own needs. 

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