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TCM Treatment

 TCM Consultation

Chinese medicine doctors diagnose the etiology and pathology of the patient by looking, smelling, asking and feel the pulse. Based on these, The TCM doctors will know what is wrong with the pationt body. Then the TCM doctors  selects 10-20 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine from thousands of traditional Chinese medicine to form a TCM prescription.

Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the important methods of TCM treatment.. All of our TCM doctors use Traditional Chinese Medicine Granules instead of Traditional Chinese Herbal medicion. Becaise it is the most scientific, standardized and convenient traditional Chinese medicine at present. Tt uses high-tech technology to extract the effective components of the original Chinese herbal medicine. .Therefore, it has better efficacy and is more convenient to take, just like drinking coffee.

Traditional Chinese Medical Treatments


Acupuncture  is one of the main methods of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Its main function is to reduce inflammation and pain in a very short time. At the same time, acupuncture  can dredge the meridians and promote blood circulation. Therefore, all patients or customers with pain or physical discomfort can use acupuncture to solve pain and various discomfort problems


Moxibutioon is  one of the main methods of TCM treatment.  According to TCM theory , Moxibustion should be used for body parts that cannot use acupuncture. It can be seen that moxibustion has the same effect as acupuncture. Compared with acupuncture, moxibustion is more flexible。 Moxibustion does not directly contact the skin, it is easier to be accepted by patients. 

Pain Treatment

Symptoms are common diseases in our daily life. Neck and shoulder pain, low back and leg pain and heel pain often occur. They are also the most customers received and treated by our company. In the treatment of pain, in addition to traditional acupuncture and massage, we also have our own "Xiaotong liquid", "Xiaotong oil", "Huoluo ointment" specially developed for the treatment of chronic pain, as well as "black ointment" for the treatment of acute sprain and fall.

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