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TCM Therapy

Eye Care

The eyes are one of the most important organs of the human body. Therefore, protecting our eyes is as important as protecting our body. So how ? There is only one answer, that is to do eyes care often. The eyes care provided by "CMC" can not only prevent eye diseases, but also your great enjoyment. The process is as follows:  1 , Make SPA for your eyes, use spray and eye cleaning liquid to clean your eyes. 2. Use the essence liquid eye protecting pen to do the tendons and acupuncture points around your eyes. 3. Massage your eyes, relieve eye muscles and relieve eye

Head Massage

Modern people usually suffer from headache, insomnia etc.  So how can we solve these problems? The head physiotherapy of "CMC" provides you with solutions to these problems.  The process is as the follow: 1  Head massage, the masseur first uses a unique technique to relax your scalp and brain nerves. 2. Use the unique jade meridian conditioning equipment  to dredge the meridians and eliminate the phenomena of meridians stasis, so as to make the blood supply to the brain more sufficient. 


 "Internal heat" in human body will often lead to low fever, headache, oral ulcer and other diseases. Therefore, "clearing heat", "It has become the main function of scraping. The masseur uses the scraping board to scrape the skin along the meridian direction, Make the skin congested and  “Sha” come out. Thus, the focus filled with the body can be penetrated from the skin to the body., to achieve the purpose of clearing heat and detoxification, reactivating various defense functions of the human body, enhancing resistance, dispelling diseases and keeping fit.


 "Cold and humidity" in the human body is the main reason why people are easy to get sick. Therefore, get the  "cold and humidity" out from the human body is the fundamental to ensure people's health. So how? In addition to traditional Chinese medicine, cupping is an economical, simple and effective way. Physiotherapists usually use the heat burned in glass bottles and cans to exhaust the air to generate negative pressure and make it suck on the skin, resulting in skin congestion at the pulled part. It has good therapeutic effects on rheumatic arthralgia, abdominal pain, headache, hypertension, cold, cough, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, etc.

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