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Traditional Chinese Therapy

We at the Chinese Medical Centre are committed to providing you with the best Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy. A variety of specialised treatments are included in our holistic approach to health and wellbeing with the goal of reviving your mind, body, and soul. Discover the distinctive traditional Chinese therapy types we provide and set out on a path to a healthier and more balanced life.

traditional chinese therapy

The eyes are vital organs that play a crucial role in our daily lives. Ensuring proper eye care is essential to maintain overall well-being. At "CMC," we offer comprehensive eye care that not only prevents eye diseases but also provides a delightful experience. Our eye care process includes refreshing eye SPA, gentle cleansing with spray and eye-cleaning liquid, using the essence liquid eye protection pen to target acupuncture points, and soothing eye massages to relax eye muscles and relieve strain.

traditional chinese therapy

Rejuvenate your mind and relieve headache and insomnia. In our fast-paced modern lives, it's common to experience issues like headaches and insomnia due to stress and various other factors. Fortunately, the head physiotherapy offered at "CMC" presents effective solutions for these concerns. This specialised traditional Chinese massage involves a series of steps designed to alleviate discomfort and promote overall well-being.

traditional chinese therapy

Internal heat" within the human body can often result in mild fever, headaches, and oral ulcers, among other health issues. Therefore, the primary role of scraping therapy has evolved into the process of "heat-clearing." Practitioners use a scraping tool to gently scrape the skin following the meridian pathways. This action induces localized congestion and the formation of characteristic "Sha" markings on the skin's surface. Consequently, this technique aims to facilitate the transfer of accumulated internal imbalances outward through the skin, promoting heat-clearing and detoxification. By stimulating the body in this way, various immune functions are reactivated, resistance is enhanced, illnesses are alleviated, and overall well-being is promoted.

traditional chinese therapy

Cupping therapy emerges as a potent method to address the root cause of health issues by removing "cold and humidity" from the body. Through gentle suction, cupping stimulates circulation, reduces pain, and promotes relaxation. Its benefits include pain relief, muscle relaxation, detoxification, stress reduction, and immune system support. By targeting specific pain points such as rheumatic arthralgia, abdominal discomfort, and headaches, cupping offers a holistic solution to various ailments. As a TCM technique, cupping reflects the ancient philosophy of restoring harmony within the body to ensure lasting health and well-being.

Experience the Healing Power of Traditional Chinese Therapy With Us

Your health is our first priority, and we are eager to assist you at CMC; your trusted source for traditional Chinese therapy. We offer many other TCM treatments including acupuncture for weight loss, acupuncture for slimming etc. Make an appointment now and begin your path towards holistic wellbeing.

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