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TCM Slimming
Acupuncture Slimming

Acupuncture is an important method of slimming  According to the causes of obesity of customers, TCM doctors choose acupuncture points for symptomatic treatment, so as to fundamentally eliminate the causes of human obesity. Therefore, acupuncture weight loss has the characteristics of quick effect, no rebound and no side effects, and is deeply welcomed by customers. In addition, acupuncture Slimming is healthier and more natural than a simple diet. There are no adverse reactions. 

​Massage Slimming

Meridian slimming is to select relevant meridians according to the causes of obesity, eliminate blood stasis and dredge meridians. Because the obstruction of channels and collaterals will cause dysfunction of the human body, and then cause fat accumulation. Therefore, meridian weight loss can not only help you recover your perfect figure, but also promote your health.

Fat dissolving and weight loss

Fat dissolving and weight loss is that the masseur uses the high-tech fat dissolving and body shaping instrument to effectively heat the subcutaneous adipose tissue, so as to promote fat dissolution, tighten the skin and reshape the exquisite curve of the body. In addition, it can effectively improve the curve of the legs, enhance the sagging hips, reduce the abdomen, enhance the firmness of the skin and improve the stubborn and hardened orange peel tissue. Because our fat dissolving weight loss is based on acupuncture and meridian weight loss, it has the characteristics of quick effect and no rebound. It is deeply welcomed by the majority of weight loss customers.

Hip beauty therapy

Hip beauty therapy is to use specific techniques and high-tech hip beauty therapy instruments to make the hips more stilted, tighter and sexier. However, the Badao acupoint is just above the hip and is one of the most important acupoints in the human body.  Therefore, in addition to hip beauty therapy, hip beauty therapy has good therapeutic effects on low back pain, irregular menstruation etc. female problems.

Full Body Slimming Massage

Having a pair of beautiful legs is everyone's dream. But how did you get a pair of beautiful legs? In addition to natural factors, the day after tomorrow's maintenance is also very important. First of all, you must ensure that the meridians of your legs are unobstructed. To do this, you need to find professionals to often do leg beauty therapy. Its benefits can not only help you have a pair of beautiful legs, but also because there are six meridians in the human body that pass through to "spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidney and bladder". Therefore, leg beauty therapy is absolutely beneficial to promote blood pressure circulation and enhance our health

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