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Mother's Day Promotion

1st to 31st May 2024

Chinese Medical Centre Mother's Day Promotion.png

Term and Conditions

  • This CMC Gift Voucher is valid only if duly stamped with authorised stamp.


  • This CMC Gift Voucher is exclusively for new clients or mothers and can only be redeemed by them.


  • This CMC Gift Voucher may be used for purchases of a higher value, on payment of the difference.


  • No change shall be given if the value of the customer's purchase exceeds the amount stated on this


  • CMC Gift Voucher. CMC will not replace or refund if CMC Gift Voucher is lost, damaged, defaced, stolen and/or expired.


  • CMC and participating outlets have the rights to not accept any CMC Gift Voucher which, if suspected, had been unlawfully obtained, is or appears to be counterfeit, had expired or been voided, or is or appears to be altered, defaced, damaged or tampered with.


  • This CMC Gift Voucher is not allowed to be exchanged for cash.


  • This CMC Gift Voucher is valid for 6 months starting from the issue date.

  • 此中国中医礼券需有公司盖章才能使用。

  • 此张中国中医礼券仅限新客户或父母兑换。

  • 此中国中医礼券可使用于各分院,超过礼券价值的消费,余额将由消费者自行补款。

  • 若消费者使用此中国中医礼券购买低于礼券价值的商品/服务,中国中医将不退还多余的 款项。

  • 若此中国中医礼券遭遗失,破损,撕裂,遭窃或过期,中国中医无法更换或补偿。

  • 中国中医与各分院有权拒绝接受任何疑似遭盗窃,盗版,过期,无效化,被涂改、破損或 经过不合法渠道获得的中国中医礼券。

  • 此中国中医礼券无法兑换成现金。

  • 此中国中医礼券从购买日生效,有效期为6个月。

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