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TCM Tui Na

Tui Na for Pain Relieve

Tui Na for pain relieve is to use specific massage techniques to solve the problem of pain. Unlike other massage techniques, it focuses on pain rather than muscle relaxation. It uses professional instruments, traditional Chinese medicine liquid, traditional  and Chinese medicine oil, etc. rather then  massage Essential Oil commonly used in other massage.

Meridians Tui Na

We know that the twelve meridians of the human body are important channels connecting the organs of the human body. Stasis and collaterals and poor blood circulation will lead to pathological changes of organs over time. Therefore, to ensure smooth meridians and good blood circulation is an important to keep us away from diseases. So how can this be done? In addition to acupuncture, meridian massage is an economical and effective method. Compared with other massage, customers will feel pain, but meridian massage is much better than health massage in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Essential oil massage

Essential oil massage is a kind of health massage aimed at relaxing muscles, alleviating fatigue, promoting blood circulation and enhancing resistance. It is of great benefit to people who are physically and mentally tired at work every day in terms of restoring physical strength, relieving pressure and maintaining physical health.

Children's Massage

Children's massage is a special massage technique specially implemented for infants and young children. Children's massage is different from adult massage. It is not to relax muscles and relieve fatigue, but to solve the problems of night crying, fright, vomiting, dysplasia and so on.

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