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TCM Tui Na


TCM Specific Pain Relief Tui Na is a specialized massage technique that goes beyond muscle relaxation. It focuses on addressing pain and discomfort by targeting the root cause of the issue. Using specific massage techniques and professional instruments, along with traditional Chinese medicine liquid and oil, this treatment offers effective and long-lasting pain relief. Unlike other massage therapies, it prioritizes pain management and promotes overall well-being. Experience the benefits of TCM Specific Pain Relief Tui Na and discover a holistic approach to pain relief.


The human body's twelve meridians play a crucial role in connecting the organs and ensuring the smooth flow of vital energy (Qi) and blood throughout the body. When these meridians become stagnant or blocked, it can lead to various health issues and imbalances over time. To maintain good health and keep diseases at bay, it is essential to promote smooth meridians and improve blood circulation. One effective and economical method to achieve this is through meridian Tui Na massage.


Essential Tui Na is a specialized form of health massage that combines the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with the traditional Chinese massage technique, Tui Na. This unique blend of techniques creates a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience for both the body and mind.

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Children's Tui Na addresses specific issues that commonly affect young ones, such as night crying, fright, vomiting, and dysplasia. Through rhythmic hand movements, acupressure, and stretching, TCM Children Tui Na provides a nurturing experience that aids in relieving discomfort and supporting healthy growth and development in young children.

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