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​Sengkang TCM Clinic


Luo Jie  Registered TCM Physician

Graduated from Singapore TCM College with a Bachelor's Degree. Over the years, she practised strict requirements and continued to research in-depth, while paying attention to integrating theory with practice and theoretically guiding clinical practice. She also pays attention to learning, summarizing, thinking, and exploring in practice. She also applies TCM skills in various fields like Acupuncture for Infertility, Beauty Care, Weight Loss etc. Along the way, she accumulated vast clinical experience and holds a good reputation.

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Luo Li  TCM Therapist

A senior therapist with a College Degree and Massage Certificate. Proficient in Chinese and Western massage and has engaged in the treatment of pain syndromes and massage over many years. Skilled at applying traditional treatments like Cupping and Scraping, combined with Western-style techniques to ease ailments. With her experience in treating Female conditions (e.g. Ovaries Care, Breast Lymphatic detoxification, Weight Loss, etc.), she has helped many customers achieve better health and conditioning.


Chen Ling  TCM Therapist

Holds a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Massage catered for bone injuries, and a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Massage. Has been engaged in the medical industry for more than 10 years and is experienced in treating Headaches, Migraines and Cervical Spondylosis. With her kind and friendly personality, many ladies seek her help for self-care maintenance. E.g. Essential Oil Massage, Meridian Massage, Lymphatic Detoxification, Breast Care, Ovarian Care, Facial Scraping, Eye Care and many more treatments suitable for ladies!


Duo Duo  TCM Therapist

Engaged in professional massage therapy for many years, with unique techniques and rich experience. Is proficient in various kinds of pains such as fall injuries and sprains, chronic bone and joint pain, and shoulder and waist strain. Through the use of Cupping, Scraping, Meridian Massage, Lymphatic Detoxification and various methods that target specific ailments, Bi Zhu helps relieve her customer's healthcare issues. She is also good at responding to various diseases and uses different methods to help customers ease their pain. Attentive, friendly and well-received by many customers.


Xiao Qin  TCM Therapist

With extensive experience in professional massage therapy, I specialize in a wide range of conditions, including fall injuries, sprains, chronic bone and joint pain, and shoulder and waist strain. Using techniques such as Cupping, Scraping, Meridian Massage, and Lymphatic Detoxification, I address specific ailments and provide relief for various healthcare issues. I am attentive, friendly, and well-received by many customers, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout the treatment process.


Monica  Receptionist

Have strong communication skills, a good teamwork spirit, a lively personality, honesty, affinity, enthusiasm, seriousness, and down-to-earth, assists with urgent enquiries, and will always do her best to provide customers with the best quality service and smooth experience at CMC!

Sengkang Branch

• Address:11 Rivervale Crescent #02-16, Rivervale Mall S545082​

• Direction:From Seng Kang MRT, change to Seng Kang LRT, and alight at Rumbia station. Walk 2 minutes to reach Rivervale Mall.

• Bus:86, 371, 654

• Opening Hours:Daily 10:00am to 20:30pm

• Phone Number:6970 5789

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