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Jurong East TCM Clinic


Liu Shu Chin Registered TCM Physician

Graduated from College of Traditional Chinese medicine, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Singapore. Skilled in Acupuncture treatment of various pains, rich experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedics, shows care for each patient by patiently understanding their the different need. Provides TCM conditioning according to the physical condition of each patients and help them achieve better health.


Li Dan  TCM Therapist

Professional Masseur Certificate with rich massage experience. She treats patients' problems according to each of their individual condition. With a serious, friendly and patient working attitude, she helps put her patient's mind at ease during treatment. She uses different professional methods to treat shoulder, neck, waist and limb pain. Proficient with Pain Repied treatment and professional weight loss program. Will listen carefully to patients' requests and arrange sessions according to their preference and help them solve their problems.


Amy  TCM Therapist 

Professional Masseur Certificate with many years experience for massage and pain treatment. Possess fundamental knowledge of Traditional Chinese Massage and professional treatment skills. Able to use Meridian Massage, Health Massage, Scraping, Cupping and other means to deal with common symptoms of customers. Have lots of Patience, Professionalism, and Enthusiasm! She also focus on the beauty care of sub-health people such as Ovarian Care, Breast Care, Lymphatic Detoxification, Gastrointestinal conditioning etc.


Li Hui   Receptionist

An employee who takes services seriously with her straightforward personality, also has a great sense of responsibility. She can introduce new customers to our services at Chinese Medical Centre and help them understand the benefits of our package. She also allows our returning customers feel at ease. Being able to answer your questions patiently is also the most trustworthy part of our front desk staff.

Jurong East Branch

Address:Blk 134, #02-309M, Jurong Gateway Road, S600134

Direction:Take MRT To Jurong East Station, walk to JCUB direction, look for Blk 134. Approx 5 Min. to arrive.


Bus:181, 243, 502


Opening Hours:Daily 10:00am to 8:30pm, Closed on Wednesday & Public Holidays


Phone Number: 6896 2363

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