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Eunos TCM Clinic


Hu De Rong  Registered TCM Physician

Registered TCM Physician, and Acupuncturist under the Ministry of Health, Singapore. Previously studied under Professor Zhang Dehua, a nationally famous doctor in China.

Physician Hu has been practising medicine for more than 40 years. Have rich clinical experience, comprehensive diagnosis together with treatment technology, and vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions that is useful against acute and chronic diseases. Specialize in General Medicine, Gynecology, Andrology, Urology, Dermatology, nervous system and other diseases.

Swift acupuncture skills ensure that the recipient feels a strong effect. Experienced in treating bone and joint pain, cervical spondylosis, facial nerve paralysis, periarteritis, lumbar muscle strain and falls, sprains, sports strains and other emergency methods. A reputation well received by patients.

Published a number of articles in the Evening News, Xin Ming Daily and LianHe ZaoBao. Was interviewed by TV stations and invited to give lectures at community centres or libraries. Is a well-rounded practitioner of TCM.


Wang Dongmei  TCM Therapist, Beautician

Holds a professional diploma and government-issued licenses as a massage therapist and beautician. With nearly 20 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massage, healthcare, and beauty, she has accumulated rich expertise. Wang Dongmei excels in facial scraping and facial tendon manipulation techniques, having trained numerous students. She is proficient in operating various beauty machines and combines TCM theory with professional techniques to uniquely address conditions such as pain relief, lumbar muscle strain, frozen shoulder, and leg length discrepancy. She also possesses exceptional skills in postpartum care, pelvic bone correction, and lactation assistance. Wang Dongmei demonstrates outstanding efficacy in TCM physiotherapy, beauty, weight loss, and healthcare, including lymphatic detox, ovarian care, and kidney maintenance. She has represented the company in numerous exhibitions and is regarded as one of its top employees.


Amy  TCM Therapist

Engaged in professional massage therapy for many years, with unique techniques and rich experience. Is proficient in various kinds of pains such as fall injuries and sprains, chronic bone and joint pain, and shoulder and waist strain. Through the use of Cupping, Scraping, Meridian Massage, Lymphatic Detoxification and various methods that target specific ailments, She helps relieve her customer's healthcare issues. She is also good at responding to various diseases and uses different methods to help customers ease their pain. Attentive, friendly and well-received by many customers.


Yu Chun Shuang  TCM Therapist

Professional Masseur Certificate. Is a rigorous and serious staff who can cooperate with the physician's diagnosis and apply effective treatments according to the patient's condition and help them recover from their ailments. Skilled with Traditional Chinese Medical techniques such as Scraping, Cupping and Tendon Massage to help improve skin texture or relieve muscle pain, especially effective for Migraine, Insomnia, Stiff Neck, Cervical Spondylosis, Periarthritis, various Female Maintenance, Slimming and Ovarian Care.


Xiao Hao  Receptionist

She has strong communication skills, a good teamwork spirit, a lively personality, honesty, affinity, enthusiasm, serious, and down-to-earth, assist urgent enquiries, and will always do her best to provide customers with the best quality service and smooth experience at CMC!

Eunos Branch

• Address:Blk 2A, #01-2441, Eunos Crescent S401002

• Direction:From Eunos MRT Station, exit from the right- hand gate.  Walk 1 minute to the clinic.

• Bus:7,13,15,21,24,25,26,28,30,51,55,60,61,63,63M,67,93,94,154,854,966

• Opening Hours:Daily 10:00am to 8:30pm, Closed on PH.

• Phone Numbe:6846-4669

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