Chen Shuang Fen | 陈双芬医师

Registered TCM Physician in Singapore. Graduated from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. More than 10 years of extensive clinical experience. Good at using traditional Chinese medicine for various type of conditioning such as, Internal medicine, Andrology, Gynecology and Infertility. She is also skilled in Acupuncture for Weight Loss, Acupuncture Beauty, Acupuncture for Hair Loss, Hair Care, and acupuncture treatment of various pain issues.

新加坡卫生部注册的中医师。毕业于新加坡中医学院。超过10年丰富的临床经验。善长用中医中药,调理各种内科, 男科, 妇科及不孕症。善长中医针灸减肥, 针灸美容, 针灸脱发美发及用中医传统针灸治疗各种痛证疾病。

Masseur | 推拿师

徐勇 Lisa

Professional Masseur certificate with 25 years of massage experience。 Specializes in dealing with issues like Muscle Aches, Promoting Lactation, Menopause and Postpartum Care. Mastered the fundamental knowledge and professional skills of Traditional Chinese Medical techniques, and able to apply them for Healthcare massage, Scraping, Cupping and other methods to sooth patient's medical issues. Full of Patience, Professionalism, and Enthusiasm! Lisa also focuses on the beauty care for sub-health people like Facial Beauty Care, Head Treatment, Eye Care, Facial Scraping, Beauty Slimming etc.


​Wu Ling Ling | 吴玲玲

Holds a Professional Masseur Certificate and more than 10 years of massage experience. Make use of Cupping, Cup Sliding and traditional massage techniques to treat various pain issues. Excellent in using Acupoints and Facial Scraping to improve Facial Skin Firmness, Eliminate Eye Fatigue, Lymphatic Detoxification, Ovarian Care, Head Physiotherapy, Gastrointestinal Conditioning and other special issues. As the bag of Joy of our CMC Yishun branch, LingLing's hospitality style is to treat her patients with the utmost care.


He Li | 赫丽

Holds a Professional Masseur Certificate and has more than 10 years of massage experience. Excellent skills in Cupping, Cup Sliding and various massage methods to help deal with pain issues. For Beauty Care, she uses Acupoints and Scraping techniques to help achieve Facial Firming effect. She can also deal with pain symptoms of Eyes, Head, Lymphatic Detoxification, Kidney Care, Ovarian Care, Gastrointestinal conditioning and various ailments. She will always do her best to achieve customer's request.


Pei Pei | 佩佩

Holds a Professional Diploma in Beauty Care and a Professional Masseur Certificate, and has many years of clinical experience in related industries. Helps patients to resolve various physical discomforts through Tendon plucking, Cupping and Scraping. Hope that through her professional knowledge, we can better help all customers achieve better health for both the body and soul. With her experience in the beauty industry, Pei Pei is confident that she can help customer understand how to tackle their health and beauty issues.

拥有专业美容文凭以及专业推拿按摩证,从事相关行业多年具有丰富临床经验。 通过皮肤拨筋,拔罐以及刮痧等疗程帮助顾客解决各项身体不适。 希望通过自身的专业知识,更完善的帮助所有顾客达到身心灵愉悦的目的。身经百战的佩佩有信心能帮助顾客理解并解决关于保健与美容的难题。

Branch Information |分院详情

• Address|地址:

Blk 701A, #02-01 Yishun Ave 5, Singapore 761701

• Direction|指南:

Take MRT to Yishun Station, then take Bus 858 or 969, alight after 2 stops.


• Bus|巴士:167,171,800,811,856,858,859,969,980

• Opening Hours|营业时间:

Daily 10:00am to 8:30pm


• Phone Number|电话号码:6756-7660