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Company profile

CMC, or Chinese Medical Center was founded in 1997 by Mr. Liu Bingqiang. After 25 years of development, CMC currently has 12 branches and nearly 100 employees. All TCM practitioners and physiotherapists from Chinese Medical Center are highly professional in TCM knowledge and rich in clinical experience. All our physicians and practitioners are licensed by the Singapore government.


Here at Chinese Medical Center, we perform extensive in-house research and development programmes, and utilize a clinic management system, this powerful system has the following functions and systems which helps to faciliate operations which improves on processes and efficiency so we can enhance the user experience for all our customers:


  1. With our online booking system, patients are able to book online appointments according to their preferences.

  2. Doctors can conduct video consultations for patients, and doctors' prescriptions are transmitted to the central pharmacy through our network. Once the medicine is prepared and packaged by an automatic dispensing machine, it is delivered to the patient's home by a courier service. This simplifies the whole process and allows patients to see a doctor and be dispensed medicine all without leaving home. 

  3. Express your love for your friends and family. With our system, you are able to pay online for them, and they can go directly to the branch to see a doctor without paying. 

  4. Your packages can be utilized at any branch! Enjoy the convenience of paying at one branch, and visiting any other branch to receive treatments, based on which branch is most convenient for you at that point of time.

  5. With our centralised patient files and patient payment management system, patients can enjoy preferential treatment in different times, on top of that, they can also be used by family members.

  6. Inventory management of medicines and products are available.

  7. Staff personnel and salary management system.

  8. Internal information exchange platform for staff.

  9. Financial management system. Payroll calculations and financial statements are easily available.

  10. Supervisor management system. which allows us to see how the company is doing at a glance from all around the world.


In addition, in order to ensure that all our medicine has the highest efficacy and effect. All our medicines purchased and used by "Chinese Medical Center " are highly concentrated and made with only the highest-quality Chinese medicine granules, made under the support of high-tech technology instead of Chinese medicine powder. On top of this, all medicine meets the standards of Chinese national standard certificates, which are China’s national standard of Chinese medicines.

In summary "Chinese Medical Center" is constantly developing towards the direction of modernization, standardization and popularization of traditional Chinese medicine on the basis of retaining the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. Here at CMC, we strive to deliver the best standard of health to every individuals and family, and aim to truly be "the most trusted and dependable family clinic for all local people"!

Our Beliefs

Success is not in boast and advertising, but in integrity and efficacy !


Our Persistence

1. Continuously develop and introduce high-quality Chinese medicine and related products.
ontinuously train and enhance the medical skills of employees.
3. Continuously improve and enhance service quality and management level, 


Our Mission

Inherit and carry forward the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, so that traditional Chinese medicine can bring people good health and make their lives happier


Our Goal

Establish a networked TCM treatment system to make it more convenient and economical for people to see TCM Doctors


Contact Us

Yishun Main Branch 

Add.  Blk 701A, #02-01 Yishun Ave 5, S761701


Booking Hotline: 6756-7660

Operating Hours: 10:00 - 20:30 daily, Close at PH. 

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