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Christmas Sale

Revitalize your well-being with our Exclusive Gift.

Indulge in any three different treatments of your choice, each valued at $108, from the website’s appointment list. The third treatment is our gift to you! Secure your treat today and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.


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Claiming your complimentary treatment is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1

Schedule your initial treatment valued at $108 by Booking an Appointment.


Step 2

Make full payments for two treatments at the front desk, each valued at $108.


Step 3

Instantly claim your complimentary treatment of choice, also valued at $108, right at our front desk.


Term & Conditions

  1. Christmas Sale Promotion ends on 31/12/2023.

  2. All three treatments must be completed by 31/01/2024.

  3. Each of the three chosen treatments must be valued at $108.

  4. All three selected treatments must be different.

  5. Not applicable for package treatments.

  6. Full payment must be made at the front desk, and the third treatment will be complimentary.

  7. Any of the three treatments are transferable, but all must be fulfilled before 31/01/2024.

  8. The sale promotion is only applicable once per customer per purchase.

  9. Purchased or balance treatments are non-refundable.

  1. 圣诞特卖促销截止日期为2023年12月31日。

  2. 所有三项疗程必须在2024年1月31日之前完成。

  3. 您选择的三项疗程每项必须价值108元。

  4. 所有三种选择的疗程必须是不同的。

  5. 不适用于套餐疗程。

  6. 必须在前台全额支付,第三项疗程将免费。

  7. 三项疗程中的任何一项都可以转让,但必须在2024年1月31日之前完成。

  8. 促销活动仅限每位顾客购买一次。

  9. 购买或余额疗程不可退款。

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