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Main Ingredients: Danshen Root, Dragon's Blood, Divaricate Saposhnikovia Root, Cassia Root, Notopterygium, Eucommia, Peppermint, Vaseline, Paraffin Wax.


Main functions: Bruises, sprains, Neck & Back pain, Relieve muscular fatigue, Relieve Swelling, Pain, Leg Pain and strain of Lumbar Muscles.


How to Use: Massage the affected area with some Ointment for 3-5 minures, 2-3 times a day.


Caution: This product is for external use only. Avoid using on open wounds, near eyes and mucous membranes. Pregnant or nursing women, children under 12 years old should consult physician before use.


This item is subjected to 7% GST.

Pain Releaser Cream 100g

Excluding Tax
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