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Ovarian Care 卵巢保养

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  • • Increases chances of pregnancy. 增强生育能力。

    • Promotes hormonal balance. 调整荷尔蒙。

    • Massage helps to repair scar tissue. 修复疤痕细胞。

    • Helps to bring fresh blood to uterus. 帮助子宫血液循环。

    • Aids in removing old stagnant blood. 帮助排出坏血。

    • Helps liver to remove excess hormones. 促进肝排出多余荷尔蒙。

    • Strengthens reproductive organs. 增强生育器官。

    • Rebalances a tilted uterus. 调整子宫走位。

    • Regulates menstrual cycle. 调整月经经期。

    • Improves overall health of uterus. 整体改善子宫功能。