Hu De Rong | 胡德蓉医师

Registered TCM Physician, Acupuncturist under Ministry of Health, Singapore. Previously studied under Professor Zhang Dehua, a national famous doctor in China.

Physician Hu has been practicing medicine for more than 40 years. Have rich clinical experience, comprehensive diagnosis together with treatment technology, and  vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions that is useful against acute and chronic diseases. Specialize in General Medicine, Gynecology, Andrology, Urology, Dermatology, nervous system and other diseases.

Swift acupuncture skills ensures that the recipient feel a strong effect. Experienced in treating bone and joint pain, cervical spondylosis, facial nerve paralysis, periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain and falls, sprains, sports strains and other emergency methods. Reputation well received by patients.

Published a number of articles in the Evening News, Xin Ming Daily and LianHe ZaoBao. Was interviewed byTV stations and invited to give lectures at community centres or libraries. Is a well-rounded practitioner of TCM.


新加坡卫生部注册中医师 ,针灸师。曾师从中国国家级名医张德华教授。


针灸进针很快,直达穴位(不用针管)使受者针感强烈,治疗骨关节病痛,颈椎病,面神经麻痹, 肩周炎, 腰肌劳损及跌倒,扭伤,运动拉伤等急症手法独特,颇受好评。


Masseur | 推拿师


Hu Yun Hua(Xue Er) | 胡云华(雪儿)

Professional Masseur Certificate and 8 years of experience in traditional massage. Using traditional methods like Massage, Scraping, Cupping and Moxibustion, she can help solve neck and shoulder problems effectively. She is also good at various beauty care such as: Facial scraping, TCM breast dredge, Ovarian care, Gastrointestinal conditioning, Kidney care, Meridian massage, Leg care etc. A serious employee like Xue Er will always do her best for every patient.


专业推拿按摩证,从事中医推拿8年,有丰富的治疗经验。通过按摩,刮痧,拨罐,艾灸疗法,以及痛症推拿有效改善颈肩问题。同时也擅长各种保健养生专业调理:如脸部刮痧,中医乳房疏通,卵巢护理,肠胃调理,肾部护理,经络疏通,腿部保养等。 认真的雪儿时时刻刻都以最佳的服务态度为每一位顾客做到最好。


Zhang Jing | 张静

Professional Masseur Certificate and 6 years of experience in the industry. Through Massage, Scraping and Cupping, she can effectively help improve most neck and shoulder problems caused by occupational reasons. She also specialize in using Traditional Chinese medicine to remove facial spots, face lifting and facial firming. Her other fields of specialize includes heath conditioning: such as Chinese Medicine Breast Dredge, Ovarian Care, Gastrointestinal conditioning, Kidney Care, Meridian Dredge and many more. Zhang Jing can identify the cause of customer pain and provide the correct massage method. Have a strong sense of responsibility and a friendly staff worth trusting!



Xu Chun Mei | 徐春梅

With a Medical College Degree and more than 10 years of professional experience in treating Periarthritis of the shoulder, Cervical Spondylosis, back pain and sprains etc. Has rich experience in treating Migraine and Dysmenorrhea. With her many years of experience, Xu Chun Mei provides excellent treatments like Healthcare Massage, Head/Scalp Care, Buttock/Leg Beauty Care, Ovarian Care and Breast Care etc. Currently honing skills for Urinal leak incontinence, pelvic treatments and intimate area grooming services.

拥有医科大专学历,  从业10余年, 专业治疗肩周炎, 颈椎病, 腰腿痛, 扭伤等。对治疗偏头痛, 宫寒痛经经验丰富。拥有丰富经验的徐春梅能为顾客提供保健推拿,头部理疗,臀腿美疗,卵巢保养,乳房保养等保养配套。现阶段正在开展针对漏尿失禁 骨盆修复等私密美容项目。

Branch Information |分院详情

• Address|地址:

21 Hougang Street 51, #01-29, Hougang Green Mall, Singapore 538719

• Direction|指南:

Take bus 89 from Hougang bus station and alight right outside Hougang Green shopping mall.


• Bus|巴士:89

• Opening Hours|营业时间:

Daily 10:00am to 8:30pm


• Phone Number|电话号码:6581-9079