Liang Xiao Li | 梁小丽医师

Registered Traditional Chinese Physician under Singapore Ministry of Health. Been in the medicine industry for many years. Physician Liang is good at Acupuncture treatment for various pain ailments, Periarthritis shoulders, weight loss using Traditional Chinese Medicine, and medical conditioning. Using her rich experience, she strives to achieve the purpose of health and wellness for her patients through consultation and build a trusty relationship with her patients.


Masseur | 推拿师


Li Chun Yan | 李春艳

Professional Masseur Certificate, involved in ailment and massage industry for many years. Skills in cupping and scraping to help patients ease their pain. She combines with Western-style techniques to relieve healthy people, and an expert in female-only maintenance such as Kidney, Ovary, Breast, Lymphatic Detox , Slimming etc, together with traditional Chinese Medical techniques to achieve better results. With her friendliness and patience, customer can trust her to do her best and understand you symptoms and help ease it.




Professional Masseur Certificate with many years of massage experience. Friendly service, lively and lovely Mary is good at techniques including: Dizziness, Headache, Insomnia, Cervical Spondylosis, Periarthritis, Sciatica, Disc Herniation, Sprain, Paralysis, Indigestion, Menstrual pain, Bloating, Obesity, solving muscle soreness, Stiffness, Detoxification etc. She is also skilled in Scraping and Cupping. Her bubbly personality help customers relax and improve the overall experience throughout the treatment.

拥有推拿证及​多年推拿经验。服务态度友善,活泼可爱的Mary擅长手法包括: 头昏,头痛,失眠, 颈椎病,肩周炎,坐骨神經痛,椎間盤突出,扭伤,麻痹, 消化不良,经痛,胀风,肥胖,解決肌肉酸痛,僵硬,排毒等问题。 同时也擅长刮痧和拔罐技术。活泼开朗的性格使众多顾客放松心情,享受治疗过程。

Front Desk | 前台


Cheng Cheng | 程成

Full of interpersonal skills and friendly front desk. Cheng's sincere attitude helps patients understand the procedure the moment they call in to book appointment with the clinic. Helps with keeping schedules neat and do her best to answer queries from new patients. Indeed a trustworthy teammate!


Branch Information |分院详情

• Address|地址:

Blk 544, #01-88, Choa Chu Kang Street 52, Singapore 680544

• Direction|指南:

Take Bus 302 from Yew Tee MRT Station or by walk about 8 Min to arrive.

乘坐300路巴士从Yew Tee地铁站或步行约8分钟到达。

• Bus|巴士:302

• Opening Hours|营业时间:

Daily 10:00am to 8:30pm, Closed on Public Holidays


• Phone Number|电话号码:6877-1622