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Price for consultation and slimming acupuncture sessions are calculated by session.


Consultation + Slimming Acupuncture 问诊+针灸减肥

$80.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
  • Consultation is an important part of the TCM experience as it is how physicians collect the necessary information from their patients in order to proceed with the best treatment and manage the result expectation for them, at the same time increasing the trust between patient and physician.


    Weight loss is achieved by stimulating specific acupoint to modulate the meridian system, which, in turn, suppresses appetite. In this way, patient feels satiated with less food. The meridian system also regulates metabolism and promotes calorie burning to remove excessive fat and edema. In addition, acupuncture can normalize visceral function and unblock meridian in various parts of the body, as a result it is effective in localized weight loss.

    Answer to 100% natural slimming with no side effect!

    通过刺激特定穴位来调节子午线系统来实现减肥,反过来又抑制食欲。 以这种方式,患者感觉饱食较少食物。 子午线系统也调节新陈代谢,促进卡路里燃烧以去除过多的脂肪和水肿。 此外,针灸可以使身体各部位的内脏功能正常化,阻断子宫,从而有效减轻局部体重。