Bugis | 武吉士


Chew Ly Jen | 招丽娟医师

Bachelor graduated from Guang Zhou Mecial University. Member of Singapore Chinese Physician's Association. 

Participated in various famous training by China experts over the years. Specialize in Acupuncture,  General Medical and various ailments. Proficient in Rheumatism, Hypertension, hyperglycemia (diabetes), Hyperlipidemia, Immune system, Respiratory system, Insomnia, Dermatology Eczema, Urticaria, Gynecological Infertility, Menopause and other diseases.


Throughout her clinical experience, she focus on the importance of flexible practice and integration of Chinese and Western medicine. Able to help regulate the immune system, qi, improve blood circulation cycle and strengthen the metabolic system. She believes that the highest philosophy of self-requirement is to verify the cause and to cure the disease.

​广州中医药大学学士。 新加坡中华中医公会会员。

参与各中国名师专业培训团多年。 擅于针灸,全内科,痛症。 专业治疗,关节风湿,三高,免疫科,呼吸科,失眠,皮肤科湿疹,荨麻疹等,妇科不孕不育,更年期等疾病。

在丰富临床经验中,灵活实践与注重看待中西医结合的重要性。 调解免疫枢纽,气血生化循环,强化代谢系统。审证求因,治病求根为自我要求的最高理念。

Masseur | 推拿师


Xin Jun Qing |辛君晴

Holds Singapore International Beauty Certificate. 5 years of Tui Na experience in Singapore. Able to help ladies with beauty facials, weight loss, breast enhancement and maintenance. Paediatric massage, to help solve toddler pain problem. Her specialty includes but not limited to Healthcare Massage, Essential Oil Massage, Lymphatic Detoxification, Gastrointestinal Conditioning and Slim Sculpting etc, truly a talented all rounder! Happy to serve you 365 days a year!

拥有新加坡国际美容,美体证书。在新加坡推拿5年。乐于帮助女士们美容,瘦身,丰胸和保养,同时也擅长儿童保健推拿,解决小儿痛症问题。擅长的项目也包括保健推拿,精油推拿,淋巴排毒,肠胃调理,推脂溶脂减肥等, 可说是保健美疗一应俱全!365天,天天开心为您服务!

Branch Information |分院详情

• Address|地址:

Blk 269, #01-222, Queen Street Singapore 180269

• Direction|指南:

From Bugis MRT Station, walk 3 minutes towards Bugis Plaza. 

乘坐地铁到武吉士站,然后步行到武吉士广场方向。 大约需要3分钟抵达。

• Bus|巴士:7, 12, 48, 57, 63, 64, 80, 131, 139, 147, 166, 170, 175, 197, 851,857, 960, 980

• Opening Hours|营业时间:

Daily 10:00am to 8:30pm, Closed on Public Holidays


• Phone Number|电话号码:6332-3267